Marie-Catherine de Marneffe

Ohio State University

Marie-Catherine de Marneffe is an Assistant Professor in Linguistics at The Ohio State University. She received her PhD from Stanford University in December 2012 under the supervision of Christopher D. Manning. She is developing computational linguistic methods that capture what is conveyed by speakers beyond the literal meaning of the words they say. Primarily she wants to ground meanings in corpus data, and show how such meanings can drive pragmatic inference. She has also worked on Recognizing Textual Entailment and contributed to defining the Stanford Dependencies and the Universal Dependencies representations. She serves as a member of the NAACL board and the Computational Linguistics editorial board.

Grzegorz Chrupała

Tilburg University

Grzegorz is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University. Previously he did postdoctoral research at the Spoken Language Systems group at Saarland University. He received his doctoral degree from the School of Computing at Dublin City University in 2008. In his recent research he has focused on computational models of language learning from multimodal signals such as speech and vision and on the analysis and interpretability of representations emerging in multilayer recurrent neural networks. He regularly serves on program committees of major NLP and AI conferences, workshops and journals. He was an area chair at ACL 2017 (Machine Learning) and at EMNLP 2018 (Multimodal NLP and Speech), a general chair for Benelearn 2018, and co-organizer of BlackboxNLP 2018 (workshop on analyzing and interpreting neural networks for NLP).